Sunday, June 18, 2017

18 June 2017 - Preparing for the Ralph Reunion

School continued but Seminary was done....yipppeeee! Things needed to be prepared for the trip to Texas.
Stephen picked up his last days of teaching. Lawn was mowed. Animals to be cared for by Vinay. Samuel was  coming late with Rebekah so that he didn't miss too much school and miss getting credit. He took his finals early and was done by Friday.
Friday Kathleen and Stephen were taken to the airport by Rebekah. Kathleen was going to fly to Texas via SW and Stephen was flying to Boise via Alaska Airlines within 10 minutes of each other. Kathleen was taking 2 bags (Stephen's and her own) along with a carry on bag. It was a large load. Stephen was just taking a carry on so that he didn't have to pay for luggage.
Stephen was going to Susan and Cory's home and then using their truck to drive to Idaho Falls and on to the Lindsay Family Reunion. He saw cousins, his parents and enjoyed himself immensely.
Kathleen made it to Texas late and was picked up by Jon. With Jon's house on the market they have stored a lot of things and have to keep their home in top shape for the realtor to bring potential buyers and any moment.
Stephen and Kathleen were going to be staying with Jon and Jenna along with Ben and Carli and Rebekah and Samuel. Over at Liz and Austin's place Jessica had arrived on Wednesday with Hadlie and Christian. Sarah came on Thursday with Eric, adding 3 more kids to a home of 5 children. It was so fun!
Saturday was a day at the zoo with all the kids and their parents. What a great time!

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Sunday found Stephen driving back to Susan and Cory's place and then driving with the kids and Cory to Provo on their way to Texas.

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