Sunday, June 4, 2017

4 June 2017 - Fast Sunday Surprise

Memorial Day was spent cleaning up the yard along with a nice breakfast before Susan, Cory and their kids left for home.
Tuesday was the first day back to Seminary for Kathleen. She gave the lesson on Revelation 14-16 about the 7 angels and the 7 vials or bowls of the wrath of the Lord. It explained why the Lord's wrath was poured out on the earth and it was because of the killing of the Saints of God. So we have lots of things to look forward to in the future. Right now the people being slaughtered are Christians in the Middle East. It's inspiring to hear that they will not deny Christ even when persecuted unto death. It sure is an easy life we live here in these United States.
Wednesday and Friday Kathleen's teaching partner took the lessons. By Friday we only had 6 students. Thursday the lesson was on the Millennium and it was a wonderful lesson of what we have to look forward to when Christ comes again. It's really nice.
Stephen had meetings or appointments every night of the week. He managed to go to the temple twice of Saturday and once on Friday.
Kathleen instead spent Friday playing nurse to Samuel as he had his wisdom teeth removed and then recuperated from his surgery. He actually did very well and slept most of the time on Friday and a lot on Saturday. That was a very good antidote for him.
By Sunday Samuel was ready to go to church. He was still sore and swollen but not too bad. He chose not to bless the Sacrament so he sat on the bench with Rebekah and Kathleen. At the first of fast the testimony meeting, President Stroud got up to announce that next Sunday would be a special Sacrament meeting for the entire stake at 10:00 and that boundary changes would be announced at that time. That was quite a surprise for the entire congregation. After that announcement there were several members who got up and said good-byes to the ward because they live on the boundary line so they figure they will be the ones to be moved to another ward. Everyone was speculating on who would be where by next week. Stephen is closed lipped like he is suppose to be and Kathleen knows better than to ask or speculate. What will be, will be.

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