Sunday, March 7, 2010

Physical Fitness Challenge

Hi Family,
Well, I spoke with Susan yesterday and we've lamented that we are the only ones who are not working on getting physically fit. So, I challenged her to the "help each other" method and she said that I should post it on my blog. Here goes! I have found that checking in with someone is beneficial. Susan would like to use the Weight Watchers methods. I know that it's a great program. I have all the stuff for WW. I also would like to add that there are several websites on weight lose that may be helpful. Here's just a sample: Also our insurance company - Regence Blueshield has a wonderful interactive program.
I do know that physical health is a spiritual battle for me. It's overcoming the natural man. I really enjoy food - it's nice that this is fast Sunday so I can start this out right. Yesterday I walked the dog for 40 min. It was going to be more but they were having a race at the Soos Creek Trail when we got there, so we walked around Lake Meridian. After coming home Rebekah and I worked in her garden, clearing out old plants and rocks. Then in the evening your dad and I dug up grass and weeds from the new raspberry arbor and put down compost. I'm very excited about putting in the raspberries. Needless to say, this morning I am pretty stiff and sore, but my weight is down!
If you would like to share some of your methods for getting fit and staying that way - I'd love to hear them. Also any challenges that you face during this process may help others realize that they are not alone. Let's help each other be the best we can be!