Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trip to Utah in June 2012

So Mr. Ralph and Ben decided that they needed some time in Utah. There was some work to do on a property that we have there. (But I think they just felt "left out" when Rebekah and I took our trip to Mexico.) They were going to go solo but I "begged" to tag along and they finally caved and took Samuel and me.
We left at 4:00 in the morning and then had to turn around after 20 min because I had forgotten my purse (causing trouble already). We drove the whole way from Kent to Provo with just stops for gas and the shopping ritual at "Smith and Edwards". I managed to get a pasta rack for drying homemade pasta noodles (pretty excited to try it out). We got to Provo around 7:00 pm, tried and Mr Ralph saying that we should break it up next time (that always sounds good to me because we leave the night before and get to Provo even earlier!! ;-)
We ended up going right to the emergency room at the hospital, where Elizabeth had taken little Andrew. He was running a fever, had been vomiting with diarrhea, and then wouldn't eat or drink anything. Needless to say he was very dehydrated. They had hooked him up to an IV and by the time we arrived he was bouncing off the bed and ready to go. Of course, I managed to fall down while trying to follow Sarah down a five (alright four) foot drop (couldn't find a closer parking place) before arriving in the hospital and by the time I got in I was bleeding enough from my elbow for the receptionist to panick and "get some bandages". (Still sore but that's life).
We spent the night with Juan and Jessica on their very comfortable couches. Ben and Samuel slept on an air mattress in the spare room.

Thursday I went with Elizabeth and her two little guys, Isaac and Andrew, to her midwife appointment. It took quite a long time and when she was done, they had made her an appointment to see a specialist (maternal-fetal medicine) because of a concern on an early ultrasound. Of course that makes one concerned but she was pretty positive and keeps repeating positive affirmations to herself (it's her hypno-birthing ideas kicking in).
After the appt. we met up with the guys who were putting carpet into the duplex. They were busy, busy and needed food so we had gotten 4 footlong subway sandwiches. That seemed to help everyone. We went to Elizabeth's house that afternoon. Sarah had a ward activity that she needed help with her hair that afternoon so we were back at the duplex curling hair and pinning her into a dress (I actually had to sew it on her because I couldn't get some pins through the thick material). She looked very nice and left before we did - it was a "etiquette dinner". We then bought two Costco Pizzas (it was on sale) and some fruit and met up with Liz and Austin at Jessica/Juan's place for dinner and a ballgame. The HEAT smoked the OKC (very sad game).
Friday, Mr. Ralph, Ben and I went to the Salt Lake Temple for a session. It was very beautiful and inspiring. Then we had lunch with Lon Chesley, the temple engineer and he talked about the projects they were working on inside the temple. It was pretty amazing. Ben met up with his dance partner, Kynistan and we took her to lunch too.
We made it back to Provo by 4:00 pm, Jessica had taken Samuel swimming and they seemed to have had a good time. (Samuel was able to sneek into the lobby by the pool and try out the cookies that were available - that was fun for him). That night everyone was busy except Juan and Jessica so we took them to dinner and had a nice chat. Ben spent much of his "off" time with Carli Treu and her family so we didn't see too much of him after we got back to Provo.

Saturday was busy trying to get all the last minute things done. Susan and her youngest two children, Josiah and Kimball, along with Bill, Susan's friend, drove all night and arrived at 5:00 in the morning. They came by early that morning and we had breakfast at Juan's place. Then we went back to the duplex and Ben worked on the Explorer for Jessica and Mr. Ralph got new tires on Sarah's car (she was surprised when it didn't shake anymore after that). We managed to clean out the trunk of Sarah's car (she hadn't unpacked her stuff from her move of seven months prior).
We went to Elizabeth's house and took pictures and then to Jessica/Juan's place for games. That was very fun. It was the men against the women - you know who won!  ;-)

Sunday was church in Springville with everyone and then we divided up to head our different ways home. It was sooooo nice but we missed Jon and Jenna and their kids - but we'll see them in August.
Stay tuned.