Monday, December 5, 2011

Coming up on Christmas 2011

Everyone keeps asking if our children are coming home for Christmas. I say, "all but one". I can't believe that they will be here and I wish Susan and Dave could be here with their kids. It would be soooooo nice to have everyone together.
Liz and the boys are coming early to "help" me out. Sarah is coming later to "help" Susan and Dave out. Jon and Jenna and Katelyn and Nathan, Ben, Austin and finally Jessica will be coming home. YEAH. Christmas will be different this year as it is Sunday and I am in charge of the Christmas Sacrament Meeting Program coming off with the choir. I felt good about it and got it approved by the bishops so it is a go for right now.
I'll try to get everything done before family arrives so I can enjoy the holidays and strengthen family ties. Remembering our Savior and why he came to earth, makes family all that much sweeter.