Sunday, February 28, 2016

28 February 2016 - A baby Blessing

So Sunday the 28th was so very busy. Samuel and I left church in the middle of Sunday School to make it to the Wax Road building where Ryan and Becky Jo Bohlin were giving a name and blessing to their newest daughter, Madelyn. Mike and Cathy were there along with Ken and Abby. Stephen surprised us by being there even though he had 2 ward conferences that he had to attend as he was teaching the Young Women. He was able to accomplish everything he needed to do. After Sacrament meeting we went to Ryan's parent's home for dinner and conversation. I loved talking with Michael and Cathy and everyone else but I was a little worried about getting my lesson ready for Monday. Everything worked out ok.
Madelyn Blair Bohlin blessed 28 Feb 2016.

The Bohlin Family 2016

Sunday, February 21, 2016

21 February 2016 - Texas in February

What a wonderful week for a Texas vacation. Stephen stayed busy helping with house repairs for both Jon & Jenna and Liz & Austin. We played in the park, went to a shopping mall, visited the zoo, ate pizza several times, mixed in games and movies, chores and clean-up with dinners together and soccer practice, ballet practice, music practice and more. What very busy parents live in Texas!!!
Ms. Oakley

Loving the sunglasses...
 At the park...

Trying to keep the sun at bay....




Beka at the swing set.

Power swing....

Beka does a twofer...

Oakley smiles.



Andrew at the stream...

Nathan with muddy stream legs...

Digging out the stream.

Oakley not sure about the swing.

Hair blowing in the wind.

Gracie loves the swing.

Hugs and kisses...


Scary brother....

Samuel helping  Emeri.

Grandpa helping Gracie.

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Joshua is calm and quiet.

 At the Zoo on the Carousel.

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Rare white alligator scare....

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 Flying kites...a beautiful windy day.
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Holding on to the kite in style....


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At the Zoo End....