Sunday, April 24, 2016

22 April 2016 - Happy Wedding Day for Ben and Carli

Wedding Day for Ben Lowell and Carli Treu Ralph
April 22, 2016
Salt Lake Temple - Sealed for Time and Eternity
Ralph Family with the newest addition on their Wedding Day.... 22 April 2016, Salt Lake Temple.

Getting the family ready for the picture.
Before the wedding we had some wonderful time with the kids. Elizabeth,  Austin and their kids and Jessica and her kids went with Stephen to climb the Y while I went shopping with Sarah. They made it to the top and had a great time. All the kids made it.
Liz made it with Hadlie on her back and her kids keeping up
on the hike.

Stephen on the Y overlooking Utah Lake
Getting ready for the hike to the Y.

The white Y.
Looking at BYU campus from the Y on the mountain.

Hiking the trail. Andrew or Isaac???
Liz, Jessica and their kiddos.
The hike was on Tuesday. Shopping was a bit futile but at least we knew which stores didn't have any dresses for the reception.
On Wednesday night Ben had his bachelor party which was a "shooting" party with rifles out on a range in the back "40". The boys seemed to have a great time for a while but at the end Michael decided to meet too closely with a scope and he needed to go to the ER for some stitches. It appeared he wanted to get some attention and he got it.
Jon with a scoped rifle.

Austin preparing for his turn.

Jon and Greg Sabin with targets in the background.

Michael waiting for transport to the ER.

There was a wonderful family dinner on Thursday night at the Wilkinson Center overlooking the Y catered by BYU. There was a lovely program highlighted with a video by Blair that was lovely to see. Aunts and Uncles on both sides of the family were there including Richard & Jolene, Larry & Teverly, Michael, Leonard & Helena, Lisa & Tom and cousin Michelle with her baby Lilah.

Blair congratulating his daughter.
Samuel giving Ben a hug.
The Bridesmaids and Bride
The groom and groomsmen

Giving Ben the "Lift"
The Groomsmen Kyle Treu, Casey Treu, Jon, Ben the groom, Greg Sabin,
Chayce Baldwin and Samuel.
My brothers Larry, Michael and Leonard with Teverly.

On the mound...
Getting ready

Jumping for Joy
Getting blown away....literally.
Shoe Shot

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The Ralph Girls waiting for the bride and groom with the loves.
Juan and Hadlie
Lisa and Grandma Ralph
Bride Carli and Groom Ben with the sealer
Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Ralph.

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Coming out of the temple.

Posing for a picture.

Very breezy on her wedding day.

The kiss on the temple exit steps.

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A bride and groom making covenants.

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Stephen and his newest daughter.

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The "Jenna Face" just before the reception in Orem.

All of  the Ralph Girls

Family Photo

Nice family photo

All the Ralph boys
The bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The bride and her maids.

Samuel likes to be in the middle of all the girls....

Getting ready for the lift...