Sunday, March 27, 2016

27 March 2016 - Happy Easter

The week was one of fun and worship. I spent most of the beginning of the week preparing for PURIM. The Jewish celebration of the story of Esther. Sister LeDosquet made the special 3 sided cookies that go with the celebration and I made rolls and brought Orange Juice. I had created props for the participants and brought "clackers" for the kids to Boo and Hiss when the name Haman was mentioned. I got the play off the internet and it was a Jewish narration that the people would recognize today ( they gave names to some of Haman's sons including Assar and Hussein). It was pretty fun. The kids seemed to have a great time.

Caden Wilkes was Haman and he did a great job in his 3 cornered hat. Amy
Mitchell was Haman's wife. Parker Welch wanted the servant's part. Everyone
else was a narrator or audience member.

Isaac Parks played the Wise man and Kjellden was
a audience member with a clacker.

Cody Hayward played Mordeicai and Nathan Lee was the King.
Brianna Stroud was Esther and Ashley played Queen Vashti

Friday morning after  Seminary, Stephen and I went to the temple to do some endowments for the names that they found in the family history files. We actually did the initiatory work for all those we had done the baptism work for first and then did the endowment for one person each. It was such an exhilarating experience to do the work for a family member. Stephen then took me down to the grounds keeper area. We talked with the 3 people over the grounds including Sean _____. That was fun. They said I could come anytime to help out. It was fun to see the plants that they used to make the grounds look so very lovely. It was fun to see edible plants in the landscape. Something I'm trying to learn how to do. I actually put in some chard and kale in with my flowers this year...
Edible Rainbow chard amid the bluebonnets and tulips.

Chard in the tulip patch.

The trees are budding out at the temple.

Saturday morning Stephen, Kappy and I went out to the location in Issaquah where we could salvage any plants that we wanted. It was very cool to go with Stephen and Kappy (even though her arm was in a cast). We saw a herd of deer and Stephen was able to get very close. We brought home ferns, more vine maples, mahonia, salal and we found some trillium. That was a fun find. It all had to be planted right away so we planted and watered everything we got for us and then went to Kappy's home to plant that stuff she picked out. We met her dad who had moved in the week before. He seemed very nice.

   Saturday night was Women's conference at the stake center. It was a lovely meeting with some refreshments after. I asked the Spanish speaking sister missionaries if they had a dinner invitation for Easter and they didn't so I invited them for dinner. They seemed pleased at the invitation. Since they are Spanish speaking they can go to almost any ward in the stake. Brian and Ruth were going to her mother's home in Canada for Easter so there wasn't a whole lot of us for the meal. We even tried Matt Belo but he already had an invitation.
   Sunday was Easter and Stephen was able to go to church with us. Samuel and I sang in the choir and  Rebekah played the piano. We sang "He is Risen" in a choir arrangement that was really different. I enjoyed it very much. 
   Vinay was able to get off of work for a few hours so he went to church with the Young Single Adults. He seemed to really enjoy that. He also enjoyed dinner.  ;-)
   We had dinner at 5:00 that evening. I cooked up a turkey breast and a ham (since Vinay doesn't eat ham), sour cream potatoes, green beans and asparagus, berry jello and both plain dinner rolls and hot cross buns for Easter. I also made banana cream pie and a sugar free chocolate coconut cream pie that Rebekah and I could eat without feeling guilty. It was actually very good. I was surprised.
The centerpiece was a purple oxalis and 2 orchids.

Rebekah added the "nuggets".

Sunday, March 20, 2016

20 March 2016 -Service both Spiritual and Temporal

Last Monday, after teaching Seminary, I got home to find Stephen packing his clothes. He left for Boise to play Grandpa to Jarom, Josiah and Kimball. He had a flight out at 11:50 and I dropped him off at 10:50. He didn’t have to check in luggage and he had his ticket so I didn’t think much about it. I drove home stopping by some stores and looking around. I got home and went outside to work. At 2:00 I noticed a message on my phone. Stephen had missed his flight. It was just barely getting on the plane for a 3:00 flight to Boise. He was very unhappy and said he would be driving next time. I felt bad that I had missed his message until it was too late to help him out. That night Samuel and I had FHE by ourselves.
Tuesday after Seminary, I drove to the temple. I was hoping to do the 8:00 session and then go to Deseret Book for the book “Isaiah for Airheads”. It was recommended for teaching Isaiah to youth and since that is the book we’re in for the next 16 lessons I thought it would be a good reference. Traffic was busy as usual but I didn’t get carpool privileges so I missed the 8:00 session and I thought it would be great to do some initiatory work. What a wonderful experience that was! It’s been a long time since I’ve done initiatory work and the blessings that you receive are pronounced during that part of the endowment. It was very special to me.
After going to Deseret Book, I made it home in time to put some serious study into my lesson. It was raining so it didn’t seem like I could do much outside. I had taught Proverbs on Monday and I was teaching Isaiah 1 & 2 for Wednesday. There was so much wonderful information and it just solidified the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon to me. There are things in the Old Testament that were not always translated correctly even in the Greek version but the Book of Mormon translation has them corrected. It was a beautiful thing to find.
Tuesday night was a church Basketball game for Samuel. He had me drop him off so I could run errands to pick up items for Sheryl Sprague. I managed to get there at the last 3 minutes or so of the game. The sisters were telling me that I missed 2 three-point shots that Samuel had made. That was sad but he did make another long shot worth 2 points that I got to see so not all was lost…lol.
Wednesday I taught the first lesson on Isaiah. It was ok but I don’t think the youth enjoyed it as much as I did. I have to put some fun time in there as well as lesson time so they don’t just put their heads down and fall asleep. Later that day I made it to Tacoma to pick up some Tagro Potting Soil for the front yard. I put down more paper block and emptied the whole truck into a wheelbarrow over and over again until it was all out of the back of the truck and on the front yard. I was pleased with my efforts. But I was also very tired. It took most of the day for me to finish up. That evening Samuel had Young Men and I worked more at home.
Thursday my visiting teaching companion had scheduled our visits starting at 10:00. Three visits lasted until 12:00. Then I dashed home and starting hauling plants around to get them ready to plant. I had most of the work done by the time Stephen drove up with Bruce and Annette Wilding. It was good to see them and know that they got home safe. Stephen told me to come in the house to see something before I finished the plants. I was pretty filthy but he insisted so we came in and Bruce sat at the computer and showed us how to find names of ancestor’s descendants that need their temple work done. It was very easy and really exciting to get names printed off to take to the temple. We made a date to go to the Seattle Temple to do baptisms the next day.
New plants in their new home....

The pathway getting ready to be wood chipped and the next garden area.
Friday we were at the temple around 12:00 and met Bruce and Annette. We went to the Baptistery and changed into white clothes and got to sit by the font and talk for a while until they found enough brethren to do the recording and witnessing that needed to be done.  Annette went first and I followed. Bruce baptized Annette and Stephen baptized me for 4 sisters. Then Stephen baptized Bruce and Bruce baptized Stephen. Both Stephen and Bruce did baptistery work in the Provo Temple when we were first married. It was great to be able to go with them this time. After we were dressed we decided to have lunch in the cafeteria and wait for the work to be recorded. Then we parted with the idea that we’ll get to together again soon. They did say that we could use their cabin anytime (free or charge)… J On the way home, we stopped by Reber Ranch and picked out 4 baby chicks. We bought White Leghorns to lay eggs. The price of eggs is ridiculous so we'll just have to "grow" our 

Four little chicks.
Friday night we were invited to go with the Spanish Sister missionaries over to Yesenia’s home where her brother-in-law Sergio was going to hear the first lesson. Yesenia bore a powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and the Love of the Lord for all men. There was a strong spirit there and it was wonderful to see a heart softened as the lesson went forward. It was a spiritual day.
Saturday, we were up early because Samuel had to go to Kentlake for a band competition in Auburn. He had to be on the bus at KL at 7:30. After Stephen got home he left again for the stake center as it was our day to clean. He missed it last time so I let him go for the family and I stayed home and cleaned the kitchen and the house. It was in real need.
At 10:00 Stephen had committed to Sr. Billie Atwood to come over for 2 hours and watch her mother so that she could go to an appointment. I was able to watch her and talk with Stephen about an upcoming reception here in Kent. After Billie got home with talked with her for some time. She seemed to like the conversation as her mother doesn’t really communicate very much if at all.
That afternoon I worked outside tying up the raspberry and loganberry vines, pulling weeds and watering until around 5:00. I was to be at the Murphy’s house to take care of Sean and Freddy while Pat and Rebekah went on a date with the Carter’s. Rebekah was stressed out but everything was good. Freddy likes to watch cartoons and Sean mostly slept. I had to fix dinner for Freddy and since I always told my girls to wash dishes or clean the house where they are babysitting, I thought I would practice what I taught them. I washed all the dishes in the kitchen while fixing dinner and then after Freddy’s bath and bedtime routine and Sean’s meds, I dried them and put them away as best I could in a kitchen I didn’t know. I give credit to all my wonderful children for their great example to me. By the time I got home Stephen just told me to go to bed and he went to pick up Samuel at the Kent Stake Center Dance.
Today was another wonderful Sabbath. Brianna Stroud spoke on gaining a personal testimony, Lily Pecka spoke on knowing the scriptures are true. She said that she asked her daughter, Skyla about her testimony of the scriptures and she said she gained her witness of the truth in Seminary.  She is in my class and I was so pleased to know that she knows the truth of the scriptures. We had a musical number where Rebekah played the piano and Sr. Dupree sang a lovely song and then Br. Brandon Perks spoke on being converted. He had a quote that went something like, “a testimony is knowledge, conversion is a change of heart (becoming a new person).” I was very touched by that idea. I want to be truly converted. I’m working on it.

The last hour was a combined RS and Priesthood meeting on “Sabbath Observance and Reverence.” They had a whole list of things to do on Sunday that would be in accordance to what the Lord would have us do. Most of the list dealt with family. I thought it was great.  They even said baking cookies was a great Sabbath day activity. I loved that one….lol. There was a blessing involved in keeping the Sabbath day Holy. We would be able to withstand the conflicts in the world. Elder Ballard spoke at the end and he said that the family would be blessed for keeping the Sabbath day Holy and he implied that in the coming years the family might be the only place that we can keep the Sabbath day Holy. It seemed to me to be a warning. I would want all of my children to take heed to teach their children Reverence and to Honor the Lord by honoring His Holy Day.

Monday, March 14, 2016

13 March 2016 - A windbreaker week

Another busy week with lots of fun things to do and see.
Monday and Tuesday morning I taught Seminary with my new teaching partner, Sr. LaDosquet. She is wonderful…can’t say enough good about her. She’ll be great. I finished up Job and then she finished the week with Psalms. I’ll teach Proverbs tomorrow and then we’re on Isaiah…. Yiiippppeeee. I love that book. Not that I understand it that much but it’s like a mystery with such good story lines and it’s all for us in the last days. It’s an incredible book.
Monday night we had Kaprice Baranet over for dinner so that Vinay could show off his cooking skills. Kappy likes Indian food and she really enjoyed the meal. The rest of us liked it but it was too spicy for Rebekah and I and even Stephen and Samuel had a hard time with the heat of the red chili powder.
Tuesday afternoon, Mary Kozy came over and helped me get signed up for the free online family history accounts that are utilized with your membership in the church. Ancestry, My Heritage and 2 more (that I can’t remember and the internet is down to look them up) were available. We spent the afternoon learning but I just couldn’t get the info into my brain fast enough. I still don’t know what I’m doing…. L

That evening Samuel had a basketball game at the stake center with the Scenic Hill ward. Both teams brought their ringers, so it was close. We finally won by a few points but it was a good game.
Wednesday Stephen and I put in work outside and inside. I sewed clothes and cleaned out half of my office then we went outside and weeded and cleared out the front yard to get the paths finished. Samuel had scouts and Stephen had lots of temple recommend interviews so they were both late getting home that night.
Thursday morning after working outside for awhile. Stephen, Rebekah and I went to Old Country Buffet in Federal Way. The one in Kent is closed as OCB is bankrupt and may be going out of business. Sad day. They were one of the best places to go for lunch. I could fill up on salad and veggies and Stephen could have his meat…though he is starting to change his palette to “better things”…lol. We stopped in at Deseret Industries on the way home since Rebekah likes to increase her church book collection and we bought some books on tape for our upcoming trips to Utah.
Thursday night was Samuel’s basketball banquet. He received the “best Dancer” award in the team. He seemed very pleased with himself and asked if he could have it framed. 

His team choose him as the Best Dancer.

Samuel at his table.
Friday Samuel was out of school. That meant there was no Seminary…. We worked in the house and in the yard and that evening Stephen and I went to the Renton stake where Yesenia’s twin nieces were being baptized. Sherlynn and Sheccid. They are doing much better about being reverent in church and they are growing in the gospel. Hopefully Yesenia will be able to continue to teach them and help them learn the importance of spiritual things.
Sherlynn and Sheccid Garcia Gonzalez Baptism.

Bishop Merrill performed the baptism.

Saturday, Samuel had a Scout clinic so Stephen and I dropped him off then went to Squak Mt Nursery to pick up some more raspberry plants and then to the temple for a session. I’m finding that the temple makes everything better. My perspective, my thoughts, my emotions…. It was wonderful. On the way home, we found out that Samuel had a ride home and Stephen had an appointment at the Bishop’s storehouse learning how to operate the forklift. I dropped him off and then went to Carpinito’s to see what plants they had. Then I came back and waited for him to finish his training. We got home around 2:00. We had time to plant the raspberries before the rain and wind started up. Samuel had a dance that night and I was in bed and asleep before he was brought home by his father. What a good man I married.
Sunday, we lost an hour to daylight savings time. We already have to be up early so this made church even earlier. That was the first time we heard from Sarah that Ben had won his DanceSport competition in Cabaret. She sent a text in capital letters. What a fantastic announcement. She also said that PBD won over BYU which is an incredible feat since they’ve won the last 13 years straight. Jessica and Sarah were able to go and support their brother. That was wonderful to hear!
Ben and Carly doing Smooth.

The Treu Family with the many awards for the competition.

Stephen was able to make it to our Sacrament meeting. Our two missionaries spoke about receiving revelation and then a sister in the ward spoke about receiving inspiration as a parent. They were good discourses. Mary Kozy gave a lesson on Isaiah in the Book of Mormon which was great since I’m starting on Isaiah this week. Then I went to Renton to see the confirmation of the twins. Stephen had a ward conference at the Clarke Lake Ward so he couldn’t go. Bishop Merrill did a nice job but he spoke in English because the girls understand English better than Spanish and on the second confirmation he forgot to say the words “confirm you a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” he just said “receive the Holy Ghost”. So he had to say it again and this time he did it in Spanish.
On the way home it was windy enough to push the car over to the side of the road. And it started in rain really hard. There were branches of trees falling and blowing around. I was getting a little worried. Then as I came up to Kent-Kangley on 132nd there was a huge maple tree that had been blown over onto the power lines and almost all the way across the street. There was only one lane open. The Fire truck was coming down the road so I figured it had just happened. Thankfully no one appeared hurt.
The lights were out at the house, so I just fixed a salad for dinner and sliced some home-made bread. We ate by candle light and then played games. At least Rebekah and I played, Samuel wanted to go back to bed. Stephen didn’t get back home until 6:30 that night and there was a fireside at the Stroud’s house for Samuel so I took him and Stephen picked him up at 8:30.
I was an amazing week.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

6 March 2016 - It's beginning to look like Spring!!!

   A beautiful week, weather-wise has just finished. Today is rain but the last few days have been beautiful for Washington. It really looks like spring is finally here. Of course, I spent time in the yard, front and back trying to get the weeds down and some of the plants to grow. Hopefully we are done with freezing weather but the ground needs to warm up to put in seeds, other than peas and cool weather plants. I did happen to buy some broccoli, chard, spinach, collards, and cabbage to transplant. I also bought some variegated sage and mint which are already in. It’s fun to plant and see things grow.

Bleeding heart in the front yard.

The hydrangea starting to come back. 

   Last Sunday night, after Samuel and I came home from the Bohlin’s home where we had a lovely dinner and visited with Mike & Cathy and Ken & Abby along with Becky Jo & Ryan.  We made it back in time to work on my Seminary lesson and dinner before Stephen had to go back for meetings.
Madelyn Blair Bohlin

Proud Parents Ryan and Becky Jo Bohlin.
   Monday, Stephen went back to the temple where he does some volunteer work helping during the annual maintenance in the spring. He worked on putting steel strips on the posts at the veil so they could attach cards for the ordinance workers. He also worked in the laundry room putting on transition rubber between the carpet and the hard flooring. He really enjoys working at the temple. I love looking at the temple grounds and seeing all the new plants they have. Stephen asked the gardener how the daffodils are already up and he said it was a special variety that comes up early. Not the kind I planted… L
  Monday, I felt impressed to call Sheryl Sprague to see how she was doing. We talked on the phone for 45 minutes and when she expressed a need for help cleaning out some cupboards, I told her I would be right over. She was surprised but it was nice to spend some time with her and helping her with some things that were too difficult for her to do by herself quickly.
   I taught Seminary every day this week except Wednesday when we had late start. It was a nice break in the middle of the week. I also was told that I have a new teaching partner, Becky LeDosquet. She seems really nice and excited about getting into Seminary. I’m looking forward to teaching with her.
  Tuesday after Seminary, I picked up Kaprice Baranet and took her to her doctor’s appointment. She broke her wrist in at least 2 places and may need surgery. I was glad to help and be there for her at the hospital where she went to get x-rays.
   Wednesday was late start and Stephen took Samuel to school. I debated on going to work at the hospital but I had an appointment with a nurse practitioner in Federal Way so I couldn’t really go to work and get off for my appointment. It’s been hard picking up shifts at the hospital and I’m not sure that I really am supposed to work outside the home at this time. Both Stephen and I are trying to make the best decisions for the future. It will be interesting to see what the Lord has planned for us.
We finished up the front yard, taking out the
grass and going to put in a shade garden.
   Thursday, Stephen and I went to BECU to sign papers for another home equity loan. The original one was paid off but also ran out of time. The amount was much less than last time but we don’t really have many needs so it will do. Also, Samuel went to the State Girls’ Basketball Tournament in Tacoma with the KL pep band. The girls played a 9:00 game so he had to leave Seminary early along with Amy and Ben Mitchell. We lost so they played again at the same time on Friday and we lost that one too. At least the made state play-offs. That’s an accomplishment right there.
   I've been changing my eating style for better health. I'm going pretty much vegan which is not very easy but it is essential for my health. Thursday night I made a minestrone soup with all vegetables and no meat for the RS dinner that we had to celebrate the birthday of Relief Society. It was darn good, I thought. I also had to give a 3 minute "talk" about a RS sister who made a difference in my life. I didn't realize it was a "talk" I thought it was just a comment so I didn't prepare anything. I did think about it though and consider who and what I should speak on. I was surprised when they said that I was "the program" for the dinner along with Sr. Margaret Smith. I was first so I just spoke about RS experiences that I have had and how many sisters helped me. Sr. Smith did about the same. It was good.
   Friday, Stephen and I had a dinner at the church put on by the Stake Seminary leaders. They showed a video of Elder Ballard's talk to the CES leaders and teachers. It was very good but it's hard to stay awake in a dark room, after a meal when you get up very early in the morning.
Daffodils are up at the temple. These were a gift
left over from our Seminary meeting and dinner
with Elder Ballard's CES talk on video.
    Saturday, Stephen had a speaking assignment for the “Zone Leaders” of Camp Helaman in Auburn at 9:00 in the morning. He was to speak for 30 minutes and took 35. I’ll ask Parker Welch how he did when I see him at Seminary. While he was gone, I worked in the yard and then I got cleaned up and dressed for a funeral for Mitchell Parker at 11:00. We drove to Federal Way and got there at 11:00 and no one was there. Just a few cars. Turns out the family luncheon was at 11 and the funeral was at 1:00. We drove back home, stopping at Coastal Farm and Reber Ranch to check on chicks for sale. They had some but not the kind we wanted yet. The white leg-horns will be coming in later this month.
   I went back to the funeral but Stephen ended up staying home, working on some chores until he needed to take Samuel to the Tacoma Dome where they watched Kentwood Boys’ team play their final game against Federal Way for the State Championship. KW lost but it was close. FW has 3 boys that are 6’10” or so and that made the difference. We have one boy in the ward that plays for KW, Kobe Huerta. Samuel was glad to support him.
   Stephen and I went to the temple Saturday night. After the session he showed me all the things that he had worked on during the maintenance session. He would love to work there. We’ll have to see what the Lord has in mind for us. That night while getting ready for bed, Stephen checked FB and saw that one of his missionary companions, actually the AP during the time he worked in the mission office had passed away. Dan Anderson was younger than Stephen. He died of H1N1 flu which means he didn’t get the vaccination. It was sad to see the news and realize that we are so much closer to the end of our lives than the beginning. I hope that all of my family takes the time to say “I love you” and develop those lasting relationships while we are still here in mortality. It will make a “world of difference” in this life.
Kale chips and butternut squash seed treats. Both were yummy.

Lunch salad. Not bad when you're hungry.