Thursday, September 12, 2013


What happens when you turn 4 years old on the first day of a family reunion?
The answer:  PARTY!!!!

We had to have a birthday cake, a piƱata and fun.

Go Isaac!


A picture is worth a 1000 words. So here goes.

The "Jenna Look" adds interest to any family picture.  ;-)
We spent 3 days and two nights at Sequim Bay State Park close to Sequim, Washington. It was nice and dry but a little cool at night. We were able to start a fire since the "burn ban" had just been lifted that weekend. YEAH, for family camping and S'Mores over the fire.
The grandkids minus Jarom, who was enjoying some "playtime" with his uncle Samuel. These munchkins had a blast together.

Jessica, Juan and Hadlie

Juan was "broken in" with camping at the Reunion. He was a very good sport about everything and helped with all the kiddos and the activities. Thanks, Juan!

Jessica did great for being so close to her due date. Can't wait to see little Ms. Hadlie. She is sure to be cute.
Liz, Austin and Emeri

Liz and Austin helped make the Reunion a success as Liz was the well-spring of ideas for activities, games and food. What would we done without Liz? Thanks, Austin for letting her come early to get the brain cells going.

BABY BLESSING of Miss Gracie June Ralph

Everyone that could come was able to make it to the Baby Blessing of Ms. Gracie. She was blessed by her father, Jonathan and dressed in a white crotched dress fashioned  by her Aunt Rebekah. It was a beautiful day and the beginning of our Family Reunion. Great Memories.


Having  fun as a family is so important. It gives you memories to hold on to when you are alone or when things are going just "right". Traditions are important when they bring you together and bring you back to family and eternity. Here's some of the fun times that we had.

First we had a Baby Shower for Jessica and Hadlie, right out of the Pumpkin Patch. Ruth made a divine cake of a baby coming out of a pumpkin. Then Liz had the idea of a diaper cake, games, decorating, etc...


 We finally got one over on Jessica. She didn't see it coming. It was great to finally get a surprise to work on her. We did have to obfuscate a little but it was worth it. 

Jessica was SURPRIZED!
It's great to celebrate with friends and family.

A garden tag in the pumpkin patch. Made just for Hadlie.

Megan Tyler's last week at home before shipping out to train for the Navy. She's one brave chicka and I hope the Lord is with her always.