Tuesday, June 20, 2017

20-21 July 2017 - Beginning a Successful Reunion in Texas!!!

The Ralph Family Reunion of 2017 officially started on Tuesday night. Rebekah and Samuel arrived that afternoon and Ben and Carli came that night.
Homemade Father's Day card.
 Starting off the activities was a celebration of the man who started the whole adventure. Happy Father's Day to Stephen Ralph. He wore the crown and read the card.
Stephen in his Father's Day Crown.

Then Elizabeth started the evening with an explanation of all the shields that everyone brought and a run down of the activities that were in store for the whole family. The events started at Jon and Jenna's home and even though a potential buyer wanted to see their home, it was cancelled so that we could use the home for the evening's activities.
Liz explaining the theme and the night's
The Reunion Theme...Armor UP. Family Shields on display.

More shields on display.

Jon and Jenna Family explaining their shield.
Great representations of Jon and Jenna's family

Beautiful creation prize.
Juan and Jessica with their beautiful shield.

The Salcedo Family

Grandma and Grandpa with the Shield of the Plan of Salvation.
So we didn't quite do it right?.....

The Heath kids are enjoying Dad's explanations.

The Heath Family Shield with lots of detail.

Samuel and Jarom got in on the shield work.

Right side up or down is spells the same. Cool doings Jarom!

The Gordon Family

Lots of creativity...

Rebekah Ralph's  Shield!
In position.

Austin Armored up!!!

Prepared for battle. Liz is demonstrating the
importance of the preparation.

Fighting off the fiery darts of the
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After the beginning introductions and the Shields of Family Faith. The Family members were divided into teams for the next activities. There was a timer to let people know when they needed to go to the next activity. There was a "Shoot the armored warrior", Build a bridge, Jenga, Crafts by Rebekah, Rocket building, and signing the Table Cloth for reunions to come. Lots of fun.
Crafts by Rebekah

Rocket building

Table cloth signing and jenga.

Table  Cloth signing.

Hagen Daas Treats to be enjoyed during the Bridge weighing
competition. Jessica, Grandpa, Kimball and Andrew.
Austin, Cory, Grandma, Jarom and Andrew...Team Yellow.

The Weigh In.

Jenna, Michael, Juan, Samuel, Katelyn, Joshua and Christian.

Sarah had the kidlets on her team. Gracie
and Josiah. Jon was missing.

Liz, Rebekah, Emeri and Nathan with their bridge. 

Having fun...
Joshua liked the ice cream treat.
Josiah was into building his team's rocket.


Nathan aiming for the Armored man.

Ben vs. Juan....


Christian and Joshua enjoy their own little pool.
 Wednesday was a water fun day at Tamara Heath's home. What better way to spend the day but in competition, food, fun and family.

Samuel enjoying the sun.

Jessica vs. Elizabeth....

Pushing her way through.

Way to go.
A tie????

A fun water slide....wwhhhhheeeee.

Ben vs. Samuel....

A little stuck in the poles.

Carli vs. Liz....

Ben's out first.

A view of the air blowers along the side. 
Taking a break from the heat.

Having fun....in the heat.
The men's champion vs the women's

And the men won.....

Liz enjoying baby Eric.
Filling the balloons for the relays and competitions....

Rebekah lines up the teams.

Teams are fairly even....well maybe.

Rebekah giving instructions to the teams.

Another game....more fun.

Sarah enjoying the shade with Eric and Ellie.

Let the race begin.

Water pouring techniques....from the back.
Juan's got the pouring down with Katelyn as Jenna
moves into place.

Samuel finishes up as Carli pours to Andrew with
Jessica and Grandpa waiting.

Austin filling the bucket of his team or is it another???

And it begins...the water fight.
Refills anyone...?

These cups aren't big enough...Got to get a bucket.
And the hose needs work too.

Preparing for battle.

Quick refills...

Austin patting Juan....and Carli, Jenna and Grandpa watching.

Take that....

No you take it.....

Michael...well soaked.

Juan going for the shirt.

Juan and Michael with Samuel, Katelyn and Jenna.

Grandpa's team...

Andrew is wary of the "hit man".

Austin knows how to play....

Jon is always ready for the hit.

Sarah enjoying a quiet minute with Ezra while Eric sleeps

After a day filled with water fun, the evening was filled with talents and variety shows by all family members. Jenna put the evenings entertain together and it was very impressive. Starting off with Ben and Carli giving their Sheild presentation followed by Cory and the kids talking about their family. Then Rebekah's amazing piano playing, add a harmonica, dancing, lip sync, songs, Nunchucks extraordinaire, impersonations and more. It was an exciting evening filled with talent and laughter.


Look...no hands.

Lip Sync.

Tooty Taa Song

Toot-toot-tooty Taa

Getting into it Grandpa.

The Lip Trumpeteer

The Heath Boys dancing to "Warriors"

Lip Sync of Country Songs Backwards....

Star Wars Trivia

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